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Our accounting services are tailored to meet our clients’ needs and include the following

– Maintenance of accurate accounting records based on IAS/IFRS principles.

– Supply on-site bookkeepers to maintain real time accounting records.

– Reconciliation and analysis of bank accounts.

– Preparation of management accounts.

– Recruitment and payroll services.

– Social insurance contribution services.

– Conversion of accounts in accordance to IFRS & IAS.

– Preparation of quarterly, interim and annual financial statements.

– Preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns and monthly VIES forms.

As per Cap.113 Companies registered in Cyprus are obliged to prepare audited financial statements every year.

When we prepare year-end accounts for our clients, we view it as an opportunity to discuss the recent performance and prospects for your business. This enables us to give constructive advice in all aspects of taxation and business development.

More information can be found in section – Audit

Up to date and current financial information is often key to the smooth running of your business. We can provide monthly or quarterly management accounts for your business

The production of regular management accounts allows you to review the financial performance of your business. The key to making this information valuable is to work with us to use the information to improve the business strategy and processes.

Management accounts help to make fundamental commercial decisions on issues such as funding, risk minimisation and performance improvement. In addition, a direct financial benefit of management accounts can be the identification of unclaimed VAT, supplier overpayments and pre-year-end tax planning opportunities.

Other accounting services can be any services which may help your business evolve, become more efficient or cut any excessive costs.

We remain at your disposal to assess any potential for optimisation-improvement of your financial reporting.


what you get

  • Advanced reporting
  • Compliance with IAS/IFRS
  • Real time support on VAT/VIES matters
  • Trusted partner
  • Confidence on your financial reporting
  • Early alert for any financial or other risks

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